Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Highlights & Facts to Know!

Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Highlights Facts

It's going to be a blast at Rod Laver Arena as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal clashes in the Australian Open 2017 Final Match! Little did you know that these two tennis stars are meeting in a final after 3 long years! Last time it was French Open 2014 where Nadal was victorious!
Federer Vs Nadal Australian Open 2017 Live Stream Final

This time at Australian Open, it's going to be a special match where all the fans around the world are eagerly waiting to watch Australian Open live! Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal was always on the cards when Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray were out from the competition in the early rounds itself!

Before you watch the match between Rafael Nadal Vs Roger Federer, there are few unknown facts which you must know! And I am quite sure that you never knew about these facts. Let me not make you entice more and reveal the facts!
Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2017 Final

Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Highlights

#1. Federer Vs Nadal Back in 2004 Miami!

By the time Nadal faced Federer back in 2014, Federer was World No. 1 and Nadal was a rising start ranked no. 17. In their first meet itself, Roger Said, "Nadal's Left Topspin was bounced high to my backhand and I couldn't control it." By this, it was quite clear that Nadal had already impressed the class player in 2004 and was making his way to grab many Grand Slam Trophies!

Watch Live: Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Live

#2. Gold Medals Won By Nadal

Nadal won gold Medal in Rio Olympics last year in doubles category! And back in 2008, he won it before in men's singles category!

#3 Gold Medals Won By Federer

Federer also has the similar track record of winning Gold medals as compared to Nadal. Roger won gold in 2008 in doubles category and silver in singles category back in 2012!
Roger Federer Gold Medal in Olympics

#4 Head to Head 23-11

Now you might be thinking that Federer will be leading the head to head record. Isn't it? But that's not right my boy! It's Nadal leading 23-11 in the total matches played till date with Federer! 

#5 Federer's & Nadal's Earnings  

Federer is the highest paid tennis player till date in the history of tennis! He's also ranked in highest-paid athletes around the world with an earning of $67.8 Million. Whereas, Nadal who is ranked No. 21 at present, earns around $37.5 Million per annum! 

#6 Federer's Downfall in ATP Rankings!

Do you know that Roger Federer haven't seen any fall in rankings outside of top 10 in past 14 years? But this time, he is ranked No. 17 just because he took enough time to recover from his knee injury! It's always good to bounce back like a champion no matter where you rank! Because he knew that once he gives himself enough time, he's going to be a top contender for every Grand Slam!
Federer and Nadal Grand Slam Titles Won

#7 Grand Slam Titles Won by Both

Federer has won 17 Grand Slam Titles in total which includes 7 Wimbledon Titles, 5 US Open Grand Slam Titles, 4 Australian Open Titles and 1 French Open title!

Nadal has won 14 Grand Slam Titles in total which includes 9 French Open Grand Slam Titles, 2 Wimbledon Open, 2 US Open and 1 Australian Open in 2009 against Federer!

Looking at their previous meet in Australian Open 2009 Final match, it's quite clear that Federer is going to bounce back to take the revenge at Rod Laver Arena by winning the final!


The match will starting in some time and you can catch the live action right here!


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